Kokeshi Bento Ninja
Kokeshi Bento Ninja
Kokeshi Bento Ninja

Kokeshi Bento Ninja

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The Kokeshi Bento Ninja is a stealth warrior. He's fierce and yet so cute wielding two "ninja stars" on either side!

This amazing Kokeshi Bento features a clever and unique design-  two-tiers which makes up the body and the head and a top portion of the figure which serves as a bowl.

All together, the two compartments and the inverted bowl (which is perfect for your instant ramen or as a portion serving bowl) can hold up to a total capacity of  440 ml, not counting the bowl ..over all it's great portion control.

As a five-piece bento- including the inner lid and the band that holds all the compartments together and that fits snugly into the groove at  the top and bottom -you can carry this bento with you anywhere you go. Since the bowl is turned upside down to serve as a top cover and has no lid, please pack only sealed food on the top. Other than that - no other caution is needed to enjoy this fascinating design that gives you fun and excitement every minute of your lunch hour.

Made in Japan 

Comes with an elastic fabric band


    Dimensions: 13 cm height and 10 cm diameter 

    Total capacity: 640 ml 

    • Bowl: 240 ml
    • Lower compartment: 200 ml 
    • Upper compartment: 200 ml 
    • Materials: PET-ABS plastic, 100% BPA-free.

    Product Care:

    Microwave safe with lids removed;  (3 min at 500W or 2 min at 1000W)          Dishwasher safe * (make sure to remove the internal lids beforehand).

    *Liquid Dishwasher Soap recommended (vs.tablet)  to avoid washing out the design prints of your Kokeshi Bento