Kimono Bento Beige BENTO BUNDLE
Kimono Bento Beige BENTO BUNDLE
Kimono Bento Beige BENTO BUNDLE
Kimono Bento Beige BENTO BUNDLE
Kimono Bento Beige BENTO BUNDLE
Kimono Bento Beige BENTO BUNDLE
Kimono Bento Beige BENTO BUNDLE
Kimono Bento Beige BENTO BUNDLE

Kimono Bento Beige BENTO BUNDLE

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"As delicate sakura blossoms fall across a bold red background, the beautiful lady in a maiko headdress subtly invites a second look; the patterns on her kimono dress matching the colors of the rest of the furoshiki and the elegant finish of the Kimono inspired design of the bento box..."

Elegance meets tradition in this beautiful bento box with a kimono inspired design motif. Part of a collection of traditional bento boxes designed as unique art pieces, this luxury bento box is a popular collector's item as no two boxes are exactly alike.  Elegant, majestic, yet impressive in form and function the Kimono Oval Bento Beige says a lot about your taste and style! 

With a beige floral pattern balanced by the contrasting red bright red band adding to its attraction, this compact bento box features two-tier compartments. The top tier is removable and includes its own leak-resistant sealing lid.

Product Details: 

  • Made in Japan  
  • Red elastic fabric band included 
  • Portion Size: Small
  • Dimensions: 13.5 cm × 9.5 cm × 7.2 cm
  • Capacity: 390 ml total (upper tier: 160 ml / lower tier: 230 ml)
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic

    Product Care:

    • Microwave and dishwasher safe * (please take out lid before putting in microwave or dishwasher.)
    Matching set of Kimono Chopsticks 
    (sold separately) 
    These chopsticks are presented in a beautiful case fitting to the other items of the Kimono line. An elegant and essential bento accessories to enjoy your bento in an authentic way. 
    • Made of ABS plastics. Natural wood.
    • Size is 18 cm x 4 cm x 2.5
    • Hand washing recommended.
    Maiko Red Furoshiki*  not available 
    Product Details
    • Made in Japan 
    • 100% cotton;
    • 50 cm x 50 cm
    • Hand wash only to preserve color or gentle cycle in lukewarm water.
    • Hang dry and iron if needed.

      *A Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. Wrapping your bento box in a furoshiki dresses up your lunch hour with refinement as well as adding a sense of aesthetics and culture to your everyday life. Aside from this,the furoshiki can be also be used as as an impromptu bag, for wrapping things for storage, and as a unique and  eco-friendly and reusable gift wrapping. Furoshiki have been making a comeback in Japan in recent years, as a beautiful and "green" way of gift-giving. Here in the West, we have learned to adapt the tradition as we  move towards eco -consciousness and an eco-sustainable lifestyle. 

      How to wrap a bento box in a furoshiki: Place the bento box in the middle of the furoshiki. If the box is square in shape, place it on the diagonal, so the sides are facing the corners of the cloth. Bring two opposite corners of the cloth over the box and tie securely. Then, bring the other two corners over the cloth, and tie again. You can also find instructions online for wrapping different objects in creative ways, such as how to wrap a wine bottle to make a handle for bringing wine to parties.