About us

You may be curious about our shop and what we are about. If so, here's a short digest: We are a team of individuals who believe that life is best enjoyed when lived fully, and responsibly. Our collection of bento boxes and furoshiki are handpicked for their design, form and function. Carrying an Asian heritage means we value relationships and honoring those people around us and the cultural exchange of ideas and philosophy.

We understand that a busy lifestyle has its demands, yet when we stay true to what we think is important in daily life, we become authentic in how we present ourselves to others; like having fun, learning about each other's stories, sharing our ideals of eco-consciousness and individual responsibility. The use of bento boxes in our day to day allows us to save on food expense; using our leftovers for next day's meals which lessens prep time in the morning and zero waste in landfills because; 1) we eat what we prepare and pack what we don't;  2) we enjoy meal times even away from home and have no leftovers as a rule; and 3) we stay away from single use plastics in take out orders or when having meals at the food court!

Now why use a furoshiki?  Again, habits build character and using cloth instead of plastics or paper bags is more economical and friendlier to our environment. What's more, the furoshiki you use has a story to tell; about culture, aesthetics, and how to live life enjoying your packed meals, looking at a thing of beauty rather than... er perhaps a laminated counter or a dull, steel tray. 

Living life fully and more responsibly... it shows in our everyday and starts each day ! Enjoy browsing through our collection!