Kokeshi Bento Busho
Kokeshi Bento Busho
Kokeshi Bento Busho
Kokeshi Bento Busho

Kokeshi Bento Busho

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Busho is a high ranking samurai who vows to protect Princess Mahime and a perfect companion indeed ! He may look stern with his uplifted brows; but his moustache does give him a funny expression! 

This amazing Kokeshi Bento features a clever and unique design-  two-tiers which makes up the body and the head and a top portion of the figure which serves as a bowl. Altogether, a hearty adult portion iis what you get with this Kokeshi Bento-LARGE with its two compartments and the inverted bowl (which is perfect for your instant ramen or as a portion serving bowl) 

As a five-piece bento- including the inner lid and the band that holds all the compartments together and that fits snugly into the groove at  the top and bottom -you can carry this bento with you anywhere you go. Since the bowl is turned upside down to serve as a top cover and has no lid, please pack only sealed food on the top. Other than that - no other caution is needed to enjoy this fascinating design that gives you fun and excitement every minute of your lunch hour.

Product Details: 

Made in Japan by Hakoya
Comes with a black elastic fabric band
Serving size: Medium-Large
Dimensions: 16 cm height and 11.5 cm diameter.

Total Capacity: 1200 ml

  • Bowl: 350 ml
  • Lower compartment: 350 ml 
  • Upper compartment: 500 ml 
  • Materials: PET-ABS plastic, 100% BPA-free.

    Product Care:

    Microwave safe with lids removed;  (3 min at 500W or 2 min at 1000W)                 Dishwasher safe * (make sure to remove the internal lids beforehand).

    *Liquid Dishwasher Soap recommended (vs.tablet)  to avoid washing out the design prints of your Kokeshi Bento.

    Matching wooden Chopsticks availabe